10 Things My Child Says that Makes it All Worth It


For every 5 horrible crimes my children commit, there is 1 or 2 very sweet and amazing little things that they do that make me forget that they’re obviously tiny terrorists out to kill me. Kids are the most infuriating, most horrible people in the world. And they’re the most adorable, sweetest and most heart-stoppingly amazing little people in the world. It’s kind of a skill that kids have; they make you wonder what you were ever thinking becoming a parent and then make you feel as if this is the single most amazing decision you’ve ever made all in the span of 30 seconds (terrorists).

I wish I had this skill. But something tells me that telling another adult I hate them and hope that a cat throws up in their dinner, they’d probably ban me from Publix and never let me shop there again even if I then hugged them and gave them a sloppy, wet kiss. Actually, they’d probably just call the police.

When my kids make me nuts, they know that they have to reel it in and make it right, and boy do they have mad, crazy, insane skills. Here’s what my kids say that make every act of terrorism they commit worth the stress, anxiety and tears.

I love you

Hands down, this is the most important, most special thing my kids say to me. I love it. I love it every single time that they say the words, especially when it’s unexpected. They say it to me anytime I leave the house or when they go to bed or to a friend’s, but when they just randomly say it, my heart gets so big and so full that it never fails to surprise me that it manages to say in my chest.

You’re my favorite

Sigh. I dislike when my kids lie, but I do love that they placate me. I hear them telling daddy on the regular that he is their favorite. It’s all right. He’d be my favorite, too. After all, I’m the crazy woman that constantly reminds them for 10 hours a day to flush, wash, brush, stop, no; whatever. He’s the fun one that gets to come home to kids so tired of me that they’re little angels the next few hours until bed time, so he’s got it good. Do I seem a little jealous? I am.

You’re pretty, mommy

It’s sweet to hear my kids say this more than anyone else. I’ll tell you why; kids are brutal and they are honest. So when they tell me I’m pretty, I believe it. For example, the other day I handed my 4-year-old the wrong cup at breakfast. She sighed and I laughed, “Oops. Sorry, Ava. Mommy is crazy,” to which she replied, “Yeah, but I’m great.” See? Honest and brutal and to the point. If pretty is all I get, I’ll take it.

I might add that this means a lot coming from the people who usually see me with my crazy eyes and my, “What were you thinking,” expression. Apparently I look good when I’m losing my mind.

You’re the best mommy in the world

If by best they mean, “marginally all right but you really need to work on your patience,” then they are spot on. Someone get me a trophy. Either way, I like it. It means I don’t suck too much, and it feels pretty good to tuck in four kids all still healthy, happy and smiling at the end of the day. Feels like a win to me.

I missed you

I missed you, too. It’s true. I look so forward to date nights and trips without my kids, but I miss the little monsters like you would not believe. Okay, so about 5 minutes after we get home and the excitement wears off, I’m ready to head back to whatever childless place we just came from, but you know what I mean. They’re sweet, if a little bit nuts.

Thank you

A big deal? No. But I love it, because it makes me feel as if I’m doing a good job with them when they use their manners of their own accord. They’re polite, well-behaved and sweet, and that’s what makes me happy.

That was great!

Whatever was great; I’ll take it. I’m not particularly talented in the kitchen, with arts and crafts or with their homework, so when they tell me something is great, I’m all over that like an ant at a picnic. One day they’re going to realize that they don’t know what great looks like, but until them I’m all over it.

I have fun with you

You know what? Even when they stress me out and make me totally insane, I have fun with them, too. I recently took all four kids to the grocery store in the middle of the day by myself, which is something I typically avoid like the plague. The kids get restless if we are not in and out, but with 16-month-old twins, everyone wants to stop and talk to us. It makes for long trips. But I did it. Everyone behaved and the only stressful moment was when my 4-year-old lifted up the back of my dress and exposed Victoria’s Secret to everyone in the pasta aisle. It would seem I no longer care what people think, because I calmly asked to her put it back down and continued on my trip. And it was still fun to get out with all of them at the same time with no help.

I’m glad you’re my mommy

At the end of the day, I’m glad I’m their mommy, too. But, then again, at the end of the day they are in bed, the house is clean and I get to sit down with my handsome husband on my awesome couch and drink really good wine. Who doesn’t love their kids at the end of the day?

I miss my daddy

I miss him, too, when he’s at work all day. But it warms my heart to hear these kids say that. So many other kids don’t get to spend quality time with their dads, or maybe they’re not actively involved in quality time with their little ones when they get home. My husband is a very active and very involved father, and it shows in how much our kids love him. And when they miss him and want him to come home and cuddle with them, it warms my heart.

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