10 Reasons Why Having a Child That Wakes Up Early is Great


What time do your kids wake up in the morning? If they’re like most kids, they probably wake up early. Until they’re lazy teens, they probably get up at an hour you wish they would not, but it’s not the bad thing you might assume that it is. In fact, I love that my kids rise early (not too early, of course). I, myself, get up at 5 am every morning. My kids wake up between 6:30 and 7, and it works for us for so many amazing reasons. I don’t mind that they’re up and about, especially since I’ve already accomplished so much by the time they rise. When parents complain that their kids get up too early, I just smile. I honestly do not mind my kids being up early. Read on to find out why kids that rise early are much cooler than kids that sleep in.

You are More Productive

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings on your own? If your kids are up, you have to get up. Now you have more time to be productive and get things accomplished. I don’t know about you, but mornings are my most productive time of day. I have energy and I feel good. I’m not tired anymore, and I’m able to knock out a bunch of stuff that makes me feel more on top of my game the rest of the day afterward.

You have more Hours in the Day

We always say we need more hours in the day as parents, right? Well, now we do. If you get up early with your kids, you have more hours in the day in which to get things done, to accomplish more. This could mean you actually have time to sit down and enjoy that cup of coffee for once. It could mean you have time to clean the house before you leave for school or work or whatever it is you do. It can mean so many things, and that means so many things for you and your family.

Morning Snuggles

Waking up early means my kids aren’t rushed to get ready to go. This means that they have time to sit down on the couch with me and snuggle, and I love that. They’re growing up too quickly and don’t always have time or the desire to want to sit with me in my arms and just relax. When they’re still kind of groggy and disoriented, they forget that they have other things to do and sitting with me snuggling doesn’t seem boring. I’ll take it.

There’s no School Morning Fight

Our kids’ school does not start until 9:20 am, which I feel is a huge waste of time in the morning. I think that they should go earlier, but that’s just me. However, they rise early, which means that they get to play, relax, eat a good breakfast and prep for the day. There is no fight. I’m not trying to drag them out of bed to get dressed now so we can go without being late. It’s nice.

They Probably Nap

When the twins sleep in, they don’t want to nap during the day, and that makes them cranky. When they’re up early, they take a great nap and still go to bed on time. It’s a nice break for me to have them both in bed sleeping for a few hours in the middle of the day, and I appreciate that very much.

They Go to Bed Earlier

Kids that rise early tend to go to bed early. Not only is that good for their intelligence and their skin and their attitudes and their metabolism and their energy levels, it’s good for me. See, I like me-time. But I have four kids; so me-time doesn’t happen all that often. I also like to spend quality time with my husband, and that’s what post-bedtime is for. Bedtime is 6:30 for the twins and 7:30 for the big girls. That means we have time to relax together, visit with one another and have some time to ourselves. That is so important to us since it helps us enjoy life more, which in turn makes us better parents.

You Get to Enjoy the Start of the Day

What’s better than being up when the rest of the world is asleep? The beginning of the day is such a beautiful time of day. It’s quiet and soft, and it’s beautiful. If that doesn’t start your day off on the right foot, I just do not know what will. The mornings are the most beautiful time of day, and that’s something everyone should learn to appreciate.

There’s No Rush

When everyone rises early in your house, there is no rush. There is no need to lose your patience, panic and rush. You have plenty of time to get everything ready to go and to make sure your life is handled and cared for with patience and in a way that doesn’t start the day off on the wrong foot. Early risers are awesome, and I’m glad my kids get up early in the morning so that our days are not nearly as rushed as they might otherwise be.

Early Risers are Less Prone to Obesity

According to US Corporate Wellness, kids that go to bed early and rise earlier are less prone to becoming obese as they grow up. This means that your kids are more likely to live healthy lives that are more productive and a much better quality. Your kids are going to appreciate this minor detail that’s associated with early rising, and so will you.

One Good Habit Means More Good Habits

Think about this; when you engage in one good habit, how much simpler is it to develop other good habits? Your kids wake up early, so they go to bed early. They eat a healthier breakfast since there is more time. They get to spend some time preparing for the day, which puts them at an advantage over their peers. One good habit is a great jumping off point to pick up other good habits, and parents love good habits.

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