10 Moments that Make Having Kids Totally Worth It


Not everyone is interested in having kids of their own, and that’s just fine. Families come in all shapes and sizes and numbers, and no one is here to say any differently. Just like those who have kids are not going to look at others and pretend it is amazing every moment of every day. Having kids is a dream come true for those of us who wanted them, but not every moment of every day is amazing. Sometimes kids are annoying and sometimes they do things like vomit in your car in the middle of a road trip all over your car and the back of your head and all the luggage you packed; that’s not amazing. There will be countless moments throughout your life that will have you questioning for a second or two what on earth made you want kids. But there will be so many more moments in your life that make you smile and realize that your kids are really exceptional. There are countless moments that make having kids worth it, and with four of my own I can say with certainty that this is the truth.

That First Meeting

I’ve done it four times, and every one of them was a blessing. While all memorable, the most memorable of them all was the most recent. When I gave birth to our twins – who just turned 1 – last year, the nurses handed them to me in my arms at the same time. The moment is one I will never forget. The rush of emotion and the relief that they were healthy even though I went into labor a month early; their little faces. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

The First Kiss

The first time our kids kiss us, it’s beautiful. Like any moment with any special person, the first kiss is one you never forget. It’s the most magical moment of your lives, and it’s something that you hold onto forever. And every kiss after that makes you feel so happy and loved. Our 4-year-old is stingy with her kisses at times and it melts our hearts when she gives them.

The First Real Hug

All the hugs your kids give you will make you realize that these are the most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck. But the first time your child hugs you with big, open arms, a head on your shoulder and real meaning behind it, the world stops for a moment and everything is perfect.

That First Real Smile

Babies are gassy and they smile inadvertently for a few weeks. But the first time your baby looks at you and breaks out in a huge grin, your life will change forever. That was a smile for you. That baby was happy to see you. And each smile after that will melt your heart more than the last. It’s something you never get used to, but you fall more in love with on a daily basis.

That First Real Laugh

Baby giggles are sweet; there is no denying that. However, the first time you do something silly and your baby lets out a deep belly laugh and you get to experience a real first laugh is a moment that makes having kids entirely worth it.

The First “I Love You”

It was always special to hear our kids tell us they love us, but it’s recently become very special. Why? Because they know what it means and now they say it because they get it. Nothing is more beautiful than a child coming up to you out of nowhere, hugging you and saying, “Mommy, I love you,” at any moment. It can make anything better.

When You Become Best Friends

You’re not supposed to be your child’s best friend, but one day you will be. One day your daughter or son will grow up and you will become a best friend to him or her and it’s going to feel really good. The moment your kids call you just to talk and just to hang out, the moment they’re all grown up and you get to spend real, fun time together; it’s priceless.

When Your Child Confides in You

This is a double moment; your child trusts you and now you know it, but you also know you’ve done something right. When your child trusts you enough to confide in you about something you might not otherwise think they’d tell you, it feels really good. It feels like you’re doing it right and your parenting skills are on target. It’s moments like these that make having kids totally worth it. Kids who feel comfortable and confident with their parents make life so much more fun.

When You Realize They’re Fun

There comes a moment in your job as a parent that you realize your kids are actually fun and you enjoy spending time with them. It happens all of a sudden, and you don’t expect it. Suddenly you realize that you like being with your kids in public, it’s no longer as stressful or hectic as it once was with all the stuff you had to bring, the fear that they might not make it to the potty or that they’d have a fit – and you suddenly realize your kids are quite fun. It’s a life-changing moment, and it’s the one you’ve been waiting for their entire lives.

When They Succeed

Anytime your child succeeds at doing anything is a moment worth remembering. It’ll start small. At first it will be that trip to the potty without help. Then it will be that first sleep over without tears. Then it will be that moment your child makes friends easily, makes the team, makes good grades or just succeeds. Anytime your child succeeds it’s a beautiful moment for you, because it helps you realize that what you’re doing is raising good kids and doing a really good job of it. Congratulations mom and dad, your rocking the parenting deal.

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