10 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn from Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Don’t let your kids watch television; it’ll rot their brains and make them stupid. What, may I ask, are you allowing your kids to watch if this is the case? If you’re allowing them to watch any of the Real Housewives programs, then yes; I get it. If you’re allowing them to watch Spongebob, yes, I get it. However, there is nothing wrong with occasionally watching television shows provided the shows you allow your children to watch are appropriate and educational. Sesame Street, for example, is a show that kids can actually learn from. It’s educational, informative and can help fill the gaps in many of the things that they are learning at home and at school. If you don’t believe me, I can assure you that with four kids, there are many amazing things that my kids will come to me with that they’ve learned watching something educational on television. And we have an example of some of the great life lessons kids will get from watching Sesame Street.

A Good Outlook is Important

A positive attitude and outlook on life is all you need to help you get through the days in one piece. Too many kids develop such a negative outlook on life thanks to their circumstances and situations, and that’s not okay. What is okay, however, is finding a way to find a good outlook on things. Positive vibes, and positive personalities help to facilitate positivity in life. If your kids watch this show, they could learn this very valuable life lesson and find it possible to grow up differently than other kids; and that’s a good thing. It’s a show worth watching.

All Families are Different

This is probably the most important thing your kids could learn from this show; all families are created differently. There is not one family just like another. They are all different, and that’s okay. No one is the same, and it’s good to be different. It’s also good to accept people for their differences and love that that’s what makes people unique. The world would be a much happier place if it were full of tolerance.

Kindness Matters

Being kind to people is one of the most important gifts you can give to them and to yourself. Your attitude is the thing that determines your outlook on the day, and that’s what’s so good about this show. It proves to kids that being kind, looking out for others and being a good person in general is the way to be. You want your kids to grow up like this, so let them watch the show.

Imagination is Awesome

If kids learn anything from Sesame Street it’s that having an active imagination is a good thing. Imagination, after all, is not just a method of play. It’s something that gets you far in life. A good imagination has a way of showing people your creative side, and it can make you very successful. After all, the most creative people in the world are those with the wildest imaginations.

Apologies are Always Necessary

If you are wrong, you have to say that you are sorry. If you hurt someone’s feelings or upset people with your actions, an apology is a good thing. It doesn’t make you weak, by any means. Apologies are what strong people are good at giving. It takes, after all, a strong person to admit they are wrong and make the effort to make it right.

Good Friends are Important to Have

There is nothing in life as important as friendship. Your friends are the people who will pick you up and make you feel good about yourself. They are the people who are going to be there for you as you are. They are the people who are there to make you laugh, wipe your tears and be there to listen and say nothing as you go through things that are difficult. Friends are crucial in life, and Sesame Street is something that makes it well-known that having good friends is good. It will help your kids learn to value their friendships and appreciate them even more than they already do.

Sharing is Good

Sharing is something kids have to learn to do whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, most do not like to share. Most kids have a mentality that all fun and good things are their own and no one else’s. Watching this show can teach your kids that sharing is something we have to do if we want to make friends, learn to behave and have a nice life.

Talking about what Bothers You is Good

Many times it becomes difficult for people to open up as they get older. Perhaps they don’t feel that they are allowed to talk about what is difficult or bad, or maybe they don’t feel comfortable. Maybe they just never learned how to talk about these things and that’s sad. This is a show, however, that helps kids learn that it’s okay to talk about what’s difficult, what’s bothering you and what makes you unhappy.

We are Not the Smartest

There is always someone in the world that is smarter than you, and life is just like that. It’s good for kids to learn that they are not the smartest kid on the planet and that they don’t know everything. To know that they are wonderful as they are is a good lesson, just as it is as good lesson for kids to learn that there are other people out there who might be more intelligent or better at something than they.

There’s a Fun Time to be Had Everywhere

You can find adventure in everything and anything that you do, and that’s not a joke. There is fun to be had everywhere, even in times that you might not see as being fun right away. You can find adventure in a small trip to the store, in a big vacation and everywhere in between. It just depends on how you view a situation.

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