10 Annoying Things About Your Kids that You’ll Eventually Miss


Upon hearing my 4-year-old daughter call, “MOMMY!” for the 6000th time in the first hour of the day yesterday, my husband smiled and said to me, “Enjoy it. One day she’s going to stop calling you mommy and you’re going to miss it. One day, she’s not even going to want to talk to you, and you’re going to wish she would call your name like that.” I merely rolled my eyes because it really bugs me when he’s right before I’ve had my second cup of coffee. But really, he is right (he’s actually right most of the time, but don’t tell him I said that). One day I will look back and I will miss the little things that my kids do now that annoy me. One day, they won’t seem so annoying.

In fact, it’s already happening. Our oldest daughter turns 7 on Friday. She’s growing up and she’s already changing so much. I find myself really enjoying the things that she used to do that drove me nuts with our 16-month-old twins because I now know that these things are fleeting and this is the last time I get to experience them – annoying or not. The whole encounter lasted no more than 30 seconds (except the incessant MOMMMY!!!!!! which lasted all day) but it made me really take stock the rest of the day. When I found myself becoming annoyed with my kids yesterday, I realized that they aren’t that bad, and what they’re doing is something I’ll eventually miss.

Singing Loudly in the Car

It’s cute, right? Well, not so much when you’ve been in the car for an hour and you have another 30 minutes to go before you get to Disney and you’ve been listening to them belt out the lyrics to “Let it Go,” nonstop the entire time. I mean, one day they’re going to be horrified that I’ve joined in with them singing at the top of my lungs and they’re going to roll their eyes at me and make me feel unloved.

Talking my Ears Off in the Car

My oldest is so bad about this. She has everything to say about everything at all times. She cannot stop talking. It drives me batty. I just want her to be quiet for a half second sometimes so I can gather my bearings and concentrate on things like the woman from OnStar giving me directions. But one day, she won’t want to talk to me so much, and I know I’m going to miss that.

Telling me Every. Single. Detail. of Their Days

I mean every detail. My almost 7-year-old likes to spend an hour telling me every second of her day in the afternoons when I pick her up from school and it can be tedious. And boring. She drags stories on and on and on and on and on and on. I do know, however, that one day she’ll be a teenager and there is a good chance she might not be all that interested in talking to me. I hope not, so I’m going to encourage her to talk away right now and drink in every moment of our bond.

Yelling “Mommy,” all the Time

I swear I’m changing my name at least 4 times a day, but I do love it. The other day my 4-year-old called me mom, and for a second I felt my heart break. It’s mommy. Not mom. And even though hearing it drives me crazy when it’s on repeat (like the newest Taylor Swift song my kids love), I love that they love me.

“Over” Loving on the Twins

Our big girls love the twins. I mean, they love love the twins. The twins, thank goodness, are excellent sports about this. They are patient and kind, they are tolerant and they are tough. They love their big sisters and they’ll take the abuse that they issue trying to drag them around like babies, taking toys from them in an effort to show them how to ‘correctly’ use it, or even to switch cups. Our 4-year-old is horrified whenever one picks up the other’s cup. Carter is BLUE. Charlotte is PINK. They don’t love having stuff taken from them and given to the other, but it’s just one of those things. One day, these girls will not want ‘their babies’ around so much. I’m soaking it in now, tears and all.

Waking up at 7 in the Morning

Okay, so I am an early riser, so this does not bother me at all. But one day I’m going to have to fight with them to get out of bed, and I certainly do not look forward to those moments.

Sitting as Close to Me as Possible on the Couch when I’m Trying to Drink my Coffee

I’ll suffer the scalding burns of a hot drop of coffee or two for some serious cuddle time in the mornings. They’re usually too busy for me, so even though I need that time to myself to ‘humanize’ my feelings and my attitude, I’ll take it. I’ll miss it when it stops.

“Helping” me Straighten up and Doing it All Wrong

How do you tell kids to leave you alone when they are trying to help? My oldest daughter loves to use the vacuum and she begs. I don’t care for it, though, since it takes her ages to finish vacuuming the playroom. But, I’m not telling her to stop cleaning if she wants to help!

Wanting to be Close to me All the Time

When we are out, the kids like me to hold them. They want my hands. They want me. They want to be as close to me as possible, and it drives me insane. I’m constantly enduring bruised toes from them stepping on me, and they drive me nuts. But, hey, they love me and I love them, so I need to stop complaining and enjoy these moments.

The Lack of Privacy

I have not used the bathroom in peace in 6.5 years since our oldest began crawling. I really wish I could have 30 seconds to pee on my own, but I know it’s fruitless. And as much as it pains me to say this –  pains me – I will probably miss the fact that my kids barge in on me any chance they get to carry on a conversation with me, or just to check on me. It’s kind of sweet.

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