Organizing Your Social Life

Being highly organized is a great way to live because it’s simple. Maybe not everyone feels the same way, but I certainly do. It’s easy to be organized in most aspects of your life, but it seems many people don’t think about how they’re going to organize their social lives. You have friends together, his friends, your friends, your family, his family, his coworkers and your coworkers. There are a lot of people in your social life and sometimes it seems there are too many. If you want to get organized, start here.

Your Mom

It may seem like your mom is an easy one to brush off because, well, she’s your mom. Hello! She’s your mom! She went stone-cold sober for you for at least nine months and then she the equivalent of a year worth of sleep taking care of you as a baby and she made you the fabulous person you are today. Give her some time and schedule some regular dates with her. Don’t blow her off when something more fun comes along; she’ll remember that when you’re a mom and you want her to babysit.


They may not be your favorite people ever, but you should take the time to schedule a drink or two every month or so. The reason for this is you may need to call on them in the future for a reference or a work favor or a new job, so it never hurts to maintain friendly contact with them while it’s easy.

Your Best Friends

This is a no-brainer, and it’s shocking how many people put off spending time with their closest friends simply because they have too much work, or too much family stuff, or too much kid stuff. These are the people who held your hand when you wed and made sure you didn’t do anything questionable at your bachelorette party. You need to schedule time for them as often as possible. Try setting aside a night once a week or every other week strictly for cocktails and catching up.


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