Oh Man: The Three Qualities Most Women Look For

If someone were to ask you right now what you want in a man, what would you say? It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in the middle of a divorce, married just long enough to return from your honeymoon or married for decades, you know what you want in a man. You know what else? Your list is probably a lot like the lists that everyone else has when it comes to qualities you want in a man. While some qualities might change from time to time (think: at 20 you wanted prince charming with a white horse and at 30 you just want a man with a real job) the most important ones never change. Read on to find out which three qualities most women find most important in a man.


Nothing is more important than a man who makes you laugh. You will spend the rest of your life (at least that’s the point of marriage, ladies) with this guy, so when he’s bald and fat and ugly (or, you know, has less hair and a little more stomach and a few extra wrinkles, anyway) you better be able to laugh. In all seriousness, a man who can make you laugh will keep you happy and smiling a lot longer than a man who cannot do this for you.


Every woman wants a man who is honest. Of course, you want him to be honest about certain things and a little less honest about others. For example, you always want him to be honest enough to respect you and your wedding vows, but not honest enough to tell you that it is obvious you put on a few pounds after the holidays.

A Chef

Few manly aspects are as important as being able to cook. Who wants to marry a man who can’t help you in the kitchen or just flat out take over from time to time? Of course, I might be biased because my cooking skills are about as good as, well, nothing; and if my husband didn’t cook, we’d either eat Publix subs every single day and night or we’d just starve to death. Anyway, a man who can cook is a good man.


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