Not Buying These Things More Often Might Affect Your Health and Finances



We typically pride ourselves on saving a few dollars by resisting the urge to buy something while shopping. It is a nice feeling, too. We reach for something to take home with us and immediately put it back and think that we really don’t even need this item. We feel a sense of goodness and pride; we just saved money and resisted the urge to buy new things. It’s not always easy; I know that. I went into the store the other day for one thing and left more than $75 later. If you ask me what I bought to go along with the baby wipes I bought, I will have no answer for you. I didn’t need anything, yet I continued to throw things in my cart because I thought that I needed them.

It’s a common trap we all fall victim to when we head to the store. That’s what makes it so nice to save a few bucks on things we don’t need to buy. Except that it turns out we do need to buy those things, and some things are not just random purchases that leave us saving money and feeling good. In fact, not buying certain items more regularly to replace the old ones can hurt us in more ways than just financially. I didn’t know that so many household items needed to be replaced quite regularly, but they do. Read on to find out what you do need to go spend money on; for your health, for your sanity and because it’s just clean.


Okay, so who knew this? I find a good bra, and I keep it forever. They’re not cheap, it takes a while to find one that really fits well, and it’s just one of those things. When you find one you love, you love it and you’re not getting rid of it. Unfortunately, it seems that we should be getting rid of our bras on an annual basis. Apparently, they begin to lose their strength and no longer support you as well as they should after one year. It’s not good for your back, which can cause some health issues. Thank goodness for being a petite and tiny human, because I don’t even really need one on a regular basis – so I’m keeping mine as long as I want.


This is something I have to agree with on a serious level; the sponge in the kitchen is really gross and should be replaced every single week. Think of it this way; if you buy a package with four sponges in it at the store, that package should last you one month. Every week you need to get rid of that sponge. It breeds bacteria and who knows what else. It is gross and it needs to go.


I think this is something that needs to be changed out sooner than every three months, myself. I personally get rid of our loofahs in the shower every month, but the recommended timeframe is three months. It’s something that sits in there wet quite regularly – especially in our house since I shower about four times a day. It can harbor some seriously gross stuff in it, and we know we don’t want to go out and spread that stuff all around our bodies. It’s time to get rid of that stuff and get working on the good stuff.

Contact Lens Cases

Um, so, yuck. It turns out that I’ve been using my cases entirely too long, and it turns out that they are a breeding ground for bacteria and other unhealthy stuff I definitely do not want in my eyes. I replace mine when I see my optometrist each year and they insist on sending me home with new ones. I should be replacing them every three months.


I did not know until a few years ago that you even had to replace your pillows. I thought they lasted forever, and that they were just there for the duration of your life. I have no idea how I missed that memo and how I ended up thinking that for so long, but I did. I was shocked to learn that pillows are filled with dead skin cells and other disgusting things such as mites and other gross stuff I won’t mention. It’s best to replace them on a yearly basis and start fresh and new. I think after reading all that you might find in there, six months is a good time to replace the pillows across the house.


I know this one, so I assume we all know this one. Toothbrushes are in our dirty, nasty mouths every single day more than once. This means they need to go more often than not. The recommended time frame for a new toothbrush is every three months; but I promise you that I get rid of mine every six weeks or so – I brush hard.

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