30 Photos Of Nostalgic Things That Will Give You Big Feelings


The good old nostalgia gallery: 30 images from Reddit, is always a fun trip down memory lane. Oh, those were the days.

Wooden playgrounds

Eduardo David Pardo-Flickr

Sure, you could get a few splinters when playing on old sets. But the experience was great since the bridges bounced in a fun and exciting way. 

The Scholastic Book Fair


A lot of kids lit up in a big way when the Book Fair came to town since it was a chance to see what new and exciting stories they could find. Now they’re all available for download…

Family computer


Imagine that, an entire family sharing one computer. A lot of people can’t even stomach sharing the same TV these days. 

Ore-Ida fries


These didn’t get overlooked so often back in the day. They were a treat that kids loved seeing come out of the oven. 

Dragon Tales plate


The cartoons and characters that were prevalent decades ago stand out as superior to a lot of people today. That includes their merchandise. 

GE alarm clock


It didn’t matter what type of home you walked into, people usually had this big brown box with glowing numbers. These days it’s an antique. 

Free soda caps

It was great to see the words “Free 20 oz.” on the inside of a cap at one time. Some people would end up drinking a six-pack or more just to get one. 

2 weeks before Halloween feeling

These days, people are planning for Halloween a month or two before the date. Back in the day, life went on as normal until two weeks out, then it was time to start putting things together. 

The sit-and-reach test


This was horrible for bigger people since it reminded them of the big belly that was always getting in their way. And watching those rail-thin people who could reach almost to the end of the board was kind of frustrating. 

Command the Stack


How many people remember this simulator? Video games come and go so fast that it’s fair to think that a lot of folks didn’t even register this one. 

90s PC speakers


These days they’re huge and clunky, but back in the day, they were…big and clunky. Hey, they came with the PC most times, and they weren’t the worst speakers in the world until one visited Circuit City and found something better. 

The Cartoon Network


Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and the list goes on. Some of the toons had a very edgy feel to them, but they were funny and entertaining. 

Tony Hawks Proskater N64


Remember when the N64 was awesome? Some people still like it, but Tony Hawk, the legend that he is, had his day. 

Pencils with cartridges


Yes, pencils once came with cartridges. They still come with lead in the mechanical versions. But these little tipped caps were kind of a pain since now and then the cartridges could slip and your pencil would be useless. 

2 for $25 Applebees


With prices what they are now, this is a fond memory, kind of like $5 subs at Subway. Plus, Applebee’s reputation hasn’t exactly held up over the years. 

Old bouncy balls


These things had a texture to them that’s hard to forget. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t all good, but it was memorable. 

Eyewitness books


These types of books were a lot of fun since the graphics were great and the information that went with them felt like it was more important. It was another way to educate people, but it worked. 

The Motorola Razr


This is still one of the coolest phones that has ever come out since the design and the style are great for Trekkies and everyone else. It’s not something you see that often anymore, but it was still a cool design back in the day. 

Ice cream with a wooden spoon


Like a lot of things, this is still around, and some people make good use of it. But the fact is that this ice cream is sometimes very hard and tough to eat. 

Jackie Chan Adventures


Hey, if Rambo and Robocop could have their cartoons at one time, why not Jackie Chan? Sure, his came later on in the 2000s, but it was kind of fun while it was around. 

Coming soon ads

There was something special about this screen, from the way it was designed to the fact that it heralded new attractions. These days trailers are a lot simpler and don’t have this addition, but then again, back then the internet was still building into what it is now. 

Themed cereal bowls


A lot of things had pictures on them back in the day, kind of like now. But back then it was a little more special since it was a gradual shift that people enjoyed. 

Poster displays

Admit it, if you were an 80s or 90s kid, you can remember poring through this huge display looking for just the right poster. Some stores still have them, but it’s not quite the same. 

90s math

Some teachers still deal with visual aids for math, but a lot of people don’t feel the need to learn for various reasons. I mean, everything is on your phone, right? 

A stage in the cafeteria 


It’s kind of tough for people to figure out why there would be a stage in a cafeteria. Hey, some schools had to make do with what they had. But keep in mind that the cafeteria doors could be closed and locked to make better use of the stage. 

Posters on the bedroom walls


The nostalgia gallery isn’t complete without a bedroom stacked with posters of famous bands and celebrities. If this was your room back in the day, you had an awesome childhood. 

Removable stereo faceplate


Out of many entries into the nostalgia gallery, this is one of those that makes me smile. Hey, people stealing your stereo was a thing at one time. 

When Pizza Hut was a sit-down restaurant

You can’t have a proper nostalgia gallery without mentioning the kid haven that was Pizza Hut. These days most of the stores are small and offer pickup or delivery service. Back in the day, this was the place to go. 

Working on the car with dad

This used to be a rite of passage. Now most cars need a mechanic and a computer system to work on them. 

The pipes screensaver


People in their 30s and 40s should be able to admit that they sat and watched these colorful pipes being etched on the dark screen. It was cathartic in a way, and it’s a classic entry for the nostalgia gallery.


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