No One Knew Equality Better Than 1950s Superman


Given all of the violence we’ve seen in the past year which includes multiple bombings, shootings, murders, terrorist plots, and countless other means of destruction, it’s often difficult to find hope from any one particular source.  Oddly enough, today we found this image of a 1950s Superman comic which perfectly sums up the way we should be treating each other.  It’s nice to know that even back in the 50s when racial tolerance and political equally wasn’t nearly as accepted as it is today, that someone knew racial and political equality, and knew it well enough to insert it into a comic book.

It’s funny because no matter what someone says or how horrible their beliefs may be, it’s extremely difficult to argue the point The Man of Steel is making here.  “Remember boys and girls. Your school, like our country, is made up of Americans of many different races, religions, and national origins so…..if you hear anybody talk against a schoolmate or anyone else because of his religion, race, or national origin, don’t wait:  tell him taht kind of talk is UN-AMERICAN.”

That’s not just sound advice for America.  It’s sound advice for any country.   Well said Superman.  Well said.


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