New Relationship Red Flags to Watch For

When you begin dating someone new, your relationship is fun and exciting. You might both put your best foot forward so as to impress one another. However, you might also be a little more prone to ignoring common red flags that indicate you should get out of this relationship before it’s too late. Here are a few of the most common red flags to look out for at the beginning of any new relationship.

Casual Insults

You might not notice it at first because he’s so good about hiding his insults inside of what appears to be a compliment. However, an insult is an insult. Perhaps he makes comments about how you aren’t smart even though he thought you’d be so intelligent or how insecure you are even though you portray so much confidence. Perhaps he tells you that you should only wear dresses because nothing else looks good on you. These are all red flag insults and you should be wary of each one.

He Doesn’t Make Plans in Advance

Sure, it’s great to hear from him Friday night at 10 pm because he suddenly just has to see you, but if that’s all he does, it’s a red flag. It could indicate he has another girlfriend on the side or that he’s just not that interested in you as far as relationship material. Be wary of a man who doesn’t want to preplan dates to see you. You should meet with Chicago members instead.

Your Friends Don’t Like Him

Your friends will not like every guy you bring home. However, they shouldn’t all dislike the same guy at the same time. It’s a major relationship red flag to notice that your girlfriends all seem to dislike the guy you’re seeing from the onset of a relationship. No, not everyone gets along; but it’s rare to encounter someone who can’t get along with absolutely anyone.


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