Why You Should Never Post about a Death on Facebook


The rules and etiquette of using Facebook and other forms of social media are always changing. There seem to be no rules at times, and other times it seems that you can’t decide one thing is appropriate or inappropriate without others changing the rules so fast you can’t keep up. It’s a widespread epidemic. Is it okay? Is it not okay? What can you post to your Facebook account and what can’t you post? If you scroll through your newsfeed, it seems that everyone is posting about at least one thing you don’t think is appropriate. There are so many bathroom selfies, car selfies, kid photos, inappropriate photos, vacation announcements, personal information being put on the internet that has no business being on there; there’s always something going on. So what does that mean for you? Is it okay to post about death on Facebook? The answer is no. You should not. There are several reasons; read on to find out what they are.

It’s Personal

The death of a loved one or someone else’s loved one is not something you should post to Facebook at any time. It is a personal matter that should not be used as a way to garner attention (even if that’s not why you are announcing it, it’s what it looks like). It should be kept private and personal.

That’s Not the Way People Should Find Out

You might think that it’s okay to post about how heartbroken you are that your grandfather passed away, but what happens if the rest of your family hasn’t been notified just yet? What if someone was in a meeting and missed the call or simply hasn’t been informed yet because other calls are taking longer than planned? Your loved ones should not find out about the passing of another loved one online.

Family Matters Should Be Kept Private

What happens in your family should be kept private, especially since many people online will want to know what happened. It’s nosy and a bit tacky, but people cannot seem to help themselves. This is not the time and place to get into the specifics, so keep it off your page.

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