Never Feel Guilty for Doing These Things

Sick Day

Guilt is an overwhelming emotion at times; the things we feel guilty about are sometimes so asinine it’s unbelievable. However, we manage to make ourselves feel guilty on a fairly regular basis, and sometimes it’s for no good reason. There are reasons, of course, to feel guilty at times. Perhaps you were intentionally rude or hurtful or you purposefully did something wrong. However, there are things you do in your everyday life you should never feel guilty about.

Taking a Sick Day

You have sick days for a reason. Take one when you need to. Don’t let your busy schedule, cluttered desk or long list of things that have to be finished yesterday stop you from staying home and resting. Sick days are meant to allow you to get better. Don’t feel guilty about calling in if you don’t feel good because you’re actually doing everyone – yourself included – a giant favor. You don’t want to spread your germs around the office and infect everyone else, your intellect and productivity are lessened when you feel unwell and you certainly aren’t going to get better faster being at work.

Having an Opinion

If your opinion is different than that of everyone else in the room, so what? Opinions are something everyone has (you know the old saying, I don’t need to spell it out) whether they’re right, wrong or neither of the above. If you feel a specific way about a specific topic, that’s fine. Don’t feel guilty because you don’t agree with the masses. Sometimes the masses don’t know what they’re talking about and sometimes you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s all good.

Saying No

We live in a world in which saying yes is a standard. You don’t have to say yes to everything. In fact, you should never allow yourself to feel guilty issuing a simple no when someone asks you to do something you’re not interested in or haven’t the time for.

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