How Much Free Stuff is Craigslist Atlanta Offering?

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Craigslist is a popular place for finding good deals, items you can’t find anywhere else and things that just need some TLC before they’re going to work perfectly. While most things on the site are offered for a fee, some are offered free. Atlanta is a hotspot for free items, though most people tend to overlook what’s free because it’s typically imperfect. However, once you take a few minutes to look over the things that are on the free ads list, you might just find a little diamond in the rough. We spent the day perusing the free items section on Atlanta’s Craigslist and found a handful of items that you can’t get free anywhere else, and that can be given a little bit of love with very little financial contribution. These are the best deals on Craigslist Atlanta.


Reclining Sofa – Free

This reclining sofa has three partitions, and it’s in less than perfect condition. However, with a little bit of help, it can be made gorgeous in no time at all. Anyone who can sew can make a slipcover for this reclining couch. Anyone that knows a leather person can easily have the cushions and arms recovered with new leather for surprisingly less than you might think. All in all, this couch is an electric couch that reclines on two sides, has no issues and costs well over $1000 brand new. For a few hundred dollars, you can recover it in new leather and have a brand new reclining couch. Find that deal somewhere else, we dare you.


Formula and Diapers – Free

This person is giving away unopened cans of Enfamil infant baby formula and Honest Company diapers free of charge. If you are pregnant or have a new baby at home, you can’t pass this up. Formula, no matter how well off you are, is still expensive (trust me, I have 7 month old twins and my husband and I buy 5 Enfamil formulas a week for a grand total of $500 a month on just formula for the babies). When someone is offering you a free can of formula that’s unopened, you take it. Additionally, this person is also offering Enfamil coupons in the form of checks. The company will periodically send these to families who register with them after their babies are born so that they can present the coupon for $5, $4, $3 or $2 off a formula purchase at the local store.

deck wood

Deck Wood – Free

When you look at this ad, it doesn’t look like much. But when you really stop and think about it, it does look like a bit more than you previously thought. While all the wood might not be in excellent condition, most of it looks pretty good and it’s free. This means you just got yourself a ton of free firewood, or wood to help you create that deck you’ve always wanted. Deck wood is not inexpensive, and it’s not easy to come by. This listing asks that you break it down and move it on your own, but it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the actual price you could pay. A little sanding and refinishing and you just built yourself a nice deck for nothing. Try comparing deck wood prices in the local home improvement stores and you’ll quickly see why this is such a bargain.


Checkout Counters – Free

Here you go ladies and gentlemen; you can get free checkout counters that can be used in a store or an office building. Why would you want these? Well, you might not. However, if you’re opening up your own little boutique, office or store, you might need these and they’re not something that comes cheap on a regular basis. To buy something of this nature would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but someone on the Atlanta Craigslist site is giving them away free of charge. This is a savings you simply cannot pass up if you’re looking to open a new business.


Pallets – Free

Pallets are something you might not think you need, but you really do need. Have you been on Pinterest lately? You can make anything from a couch to a table to an entire outdoor entertaining space with a pallet. All you need is, well, a pallet. Someone in Atlanta is giving away dozens of pallets for next to nothing. Before you wave this deal away as if though it’s nothing, stop and take a look at pinterest. Search for pallets and you will see what people can do and make with these very unexciting pieces of wood, and you’ll be amazed. These can help you make amazing homemade gifts, and with the holidays coming up, you can’t ask for more.


Shrubs and Landscaping – Free

It’s dirt and plants, so it should be free, right? Wrong. If you’ve never decided that gardening or landscaping is your thing, you have no idea just how much money it costs to purchase shrubs and other items commonly used in landscaping endeavors. Just one large shrub can run more than $100 depending on the type you buy, and that can cause your landscaping budget to skyrocket in next to no time at all. When someone is offering their landscaping at no cost, it’s time to check it out, see what it is and take it home. Even if the landscaping isn’t the most elaborate, just a few free plants and shrubs is enough to significantly help you lower the cost of your own landscaping project.

hair cut

Free Haircut

Not everyone on Craigslist Atlanta is looking to give sometone random away. Some people want to actually help themselves, and their help might just help you. This woman, for instance, is in need of a male and a female model to come to her school on Halloween and let her cut and style your hair with her class. She might not be a professional, but she’s a student at Paul Mitchell, which means she’s probably not awful. And it’s a free hair cut and style, which could save a woman as much as $100 – if not more.

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