Mornings Made Easy

Early mornings are not easy for most people. Being jolted awake by an irritating alarm or the vibrating of a phone telling you it’s time to go to work or take your kids to school and start the day is never fun. However, we all have to do it – really, I work from home and I haven’t slept past 6 am more than a handful of times in the past four years. If you find your mornings make you crazy and you’re not on top of your game, use these tricks to help make your mornings easier and more manageable.

Prep the Night Before

One of the easiest ways to make mornings more manageable is to do as much prep work as possible the night before. Each night while my husband bathes our girls, I spend time laying out my oldest’s school clothes, the clothes I’m going to dress my youngest in so we can take her big sister to school, my clothes for the next day, I make my daughter’s morning snack, get my handbag ready, and make the coffee and set the timer. It makes my mornings much less stressful knowing that half the battle is already taken care of.

Find Lost Minutes

Instead of sitting down for those extra few minutes to watch a news segment you wanted to see, record it and watch it later. Don’t get caught up answering emails or checking your social media account page. Turn those things into rewards and you’ll find yourself working harder to get through your morning routine so you can do them.

Don’t Hit Snooze

Yes, you’re tired and want to sleep, but what is five extra minutes really giving you? Nothing but a panic attack when you realize how much you have to do and how little time you have to do it. Just get up.


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