You and Your Mom: Solving Conflict Without Difficulty

Your mom is your best friend. Well, if she’s not right now, she will be one day. She was your best friend as a child and she’ll resume that position at some point in your life – probably when you have kids of your own. There’s no one on the planet quite like your mom, even though she’s completely crazy and her goal in life seems to be to make you just a crazy; she’s your mom. That’s her job. You’ll do it to your own daughter one day, but nothing will ever break your bond and no one will ever be closer to you than your mom. However, you’re going to argue so here are three simple ways to handle issues with your mom that don’t involve hanging up on her or telling her she’s the worst mom in the whole wide world (because you’re not 6 anymore).

Take Some Time

Sometimes your mom does things that make you insane. Before you confront her or engage her in an argument, take a little time to calm down. She’s your mom and she has your best interests at heart, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Take a few deep breaths and then talk to her again.

Consider Her Side

If you’re already a mom, consider how you would feel in this situation with your own daughter. This might allow you to see things from your mom’s perspective, which might help you understand where she’s coming from. Sometimes this type of clarity is all it takes to handle any issue with your own mother.

Tell Her You Love Her

…and then tell her that you also respect her but that you don’t want to/can’t/won’t/don’t see it the same way. It’s okay to disagree. I’m willing to bet your mom raised you to be an opinionated, strong, moral woman with character and value, and she’d be mortified if you backed down to anyone – including her.


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