Minimizing Stress in the Office

The same thing has been said a million times: life is stressful. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to de-stress no matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing. De-stressing is a great way to feel better, relax and enjoy your life to the fullest. Since everyday can’t be a spa day with the girls, you need to know what you can do right here and now (even if you’re sitting in your office with the door wide open) to ease your stress and tension.

Mini Massage

Rest your elbows on your desk and place your thumbs at the bridge of your nose beneath your eyebrows. Now let your thumbs hold you in up for the next 10 seconds and then move your thumbs an inch to the side and repeat the process until you’ve massaged your entire eyebrow. You’ll feel instantly more relaxed.

Take a (Mental) Vacation

Close your eyes and picture the time you frolicked in the beach in Hawaii with your new husband on your honeymoon. Imagine the time you took the aerial tram to the Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley and spent the next two hours tasting delectable wines. You were so relaxed. Spend five minutes with your eyes closed, your feet on your desk and your mind on the beach (or at the spa, or at a vineyard, or at home in bed) to relax yourself and ease your stress.

Eat Well

Instead of munching on lunch while you sit at your desk and read emails that need your attention, head outside or to the break room and give yourself 10 solid minutes to really enjoy your meal. You will be shocked at how relaxed and stress-free you will feel after you finish eating your meal. All it takes is a few minutes of true enjoyment to lower stress levels for anyone.


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