Marriage: Three Things You Need to Say Every Day

Marriage and relationships are wonderful and complicated and stressful and easy. They’re a little of all of that most days and sometimes they’re more one than the others. You might not know exactly how to navigate your relationship every single second of the day, but there are three things you can say to your significant other every single day that will make your marriage or relationship that much better. Keep these three things in your daily vocabulary and you’ll be a lot happier than the other couples you know.

I Appreciate You

When you let one another know you appreciate what the other has to say, do and offer in your marriage, you’ll be a lot happier. Tell him you appreciate the time he spends reading to the kids at night so you can get their school supplies packed and ready for the following day. It saves you time and stress in the morning, so I know you appreciate it. Tell him – every day.

Thank You

When the two of you make a point to thank one another for doing things around the house, you’ll be a lot happier. Think about it: How do you feel when your husband thanks you for picking up his dry cleaning, even though yours was with it and you didn’t even think twice about it? It makes you feel really good and really valued in your house and your marriage. Do the same for him.

I Love You

You might think this is a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t tell their significant other they love them on a regular basis. You need to say it every single day. Sure, it becomes a habit to say it on the phone or on the way out the door or before bed, but you need to say it other times and you need to show it, too.


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