The Reason Marriage Should Be The Number One Relationship In Your Life

We have so many people in our lives.  Our parents and siblings, our girlfriends, our children and our husbands.  With so many people that we love and feel close to, it is easy to forget that our relationship with our spouse should be the number one relationship in our lives.

When you are married, your spouse deserves your loyalty above all others.  This means that you need to devote time to your marriage before you do any other activity.  Lunches with girlfriends and a family get together are fun but date night with your husband is more important.  In addition, your spouse should be the first person you call when you have news to share.  It can be tempting to call your mother or your best friend but your husband deserves that spot.

Marriage should be your number one relationship because you promised your faithfulness and love to one another when you took your vows.  Part of marriage is putting all others behind the person you are marrying.  Some people that have been a big part of your life may have a difficult time understanding they are not the number one relationship in your life any longer but for the success of your marriage, they shouldn’t be.

Allowing your marriage to be your number one relationship feels right and will enrich your marriage.  You will be closer to one another.  You will be happier and have more fun together.  You will have less trouble and arguments between you.

Once you are in the habit of putting your marriage as the number one relationship in your life, you will be a stronger couple.  Less outside interference will be able to invade your relationship because you will be secure in your marriage.  Others may have a hard time understanding the dynamics of your marriage but they will see how deeply you are devoted to one another and respect your relationship.

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