Marriage After Kids: Keeping it a Priority

Your marriage needs to become more of a priority than ever once you have children. Before kids, your marriage is already a priority. After kids, however, it’s easy for your marriage to take a back seat to stuffy noses and after school activities. Your kids are so important, but having them is no reason to allow your marriage to suffer. Here are three ways you can keep your marriage alive after having kids.


When you start to feel that your kids are overtaking your life or that you are missing something in your marriage, such as time alone with your partner, go ahead and speak up. When you talk about what’s on your mind and what’s bothering you, you’re more likely to work through your issues and help to improve your marriage.

Date One Another

It’s so important to remember that dating doesn’t stop just because you’re married and/or have kids. You need time alone to rekindle your romance and remember why you fell in love in the first place. You don’t have to plan super fancy dates all the time, just time alone. If that’s nothing more than breakfast on a Saturday morning or a long walk after dinner, that’s all you need. Time alone is so important. Just remember to plan something special from time to time.

Laugh Together

You can’t forget to laugh together. Kids have a way of pushing your buttons and testing your limits. You can either cry about it and whine to your partner or you can remember that this is what parenting is all about and laugh at the exploding diapers and the crayon depiction of the last supper on your hallway wall. As a matter of fact, sometimes laughter is all you have when the kids are particularly on their best (read; worst) game.


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