Marriage Issues Every Couple Face

Marriage is not perfect. Saying I do does not mean you are exempt from all the problems in the world, and even if you are the happiest couple around (I like to claim that title, myself) you will still have issues to deal with. The key to marriage happiness is to face these issues as a team and not allow them to get between you. All couples face problems like this, but the best couples handle them head on and as a team.

Financial Problems

Whether you’re stressed about how little is coming in or you are perfectly comfortable in the financial department and one of you has bad spending habits, money is a big issue in marriage. The key to facing financial trouble is to face it together. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if you have more money than you know what to do with, you will still argue over it. You’re not saving enough, he spent too much on something you deem unimportant; money is an issue for everyone and everyone needs to face that problem as a team and come up with a compromise that makes all persons happy.

The Extended Families

Maybe his mom is notoriously early for everything and it makes you nuts wondering how much time you have to get ready before she shows up early and makes you feel pressured to rush. Maybe your mom feels free to stop by whenever she wants and your husband finds it irritating. There’s nothing wrong with having annoying parents (since we all do, anyway) but as a couple you have to face this problem together. One of you cannot put pressure on the other to handle these issues.


When you have kids, you have to be on the same page. Even when he is punishing your kids for something you think isn’t a big deal or you’re feeding them something he thinks is inappropriate, you have to get on the same team and stay there. Marriage isn’t magic, and parenting isn’t always easy.


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