Marriage Advice from the People Who Know

Ever wonder who, out of all the people offering marriage advice to young couples and newlyweds, has the best actual marriage advice? Here’s an idea; the people who’ve been there and done that and messed it up so badly that they’re not even married anymore. Maybe you wouldn’t consider the marriage advice of a divorced man or woman very good advice, but sometimes the best way to learn a lesson is the hardest way. Here are three pieces of great marriage advice from the people who didn’t get it right the first time.

Never Forget to Date

Just because she’s married to you and you’ve got her does not mean you get to stop dating her. Some of the best advice for any marriage is to remember this; continue to treat her as you did when you first met and she’s yours forever. Forget how to make her feel good and forget to put the spark into your marriage and it’s trouble.

Look For the Best

Don’t look at your spouse and see all the worst traits he has – for one reason, half of his worst traits probably aren’t anywhere near as bad as some of the traits possessed by other men. Look for the best in your spouse and in your marriage all the time. The next time you find yourself thinking, “Goodness, I can’t stand how he never hangs my dresses in the right spot when he puts laundry away,” stop yourself. Remember this; honey, he’s doing laundry. Suck it up.

Be Accountable

You can’t learn from your mistakes or make your marriage work if you’re always placing the responsibility for your failures elsewhere. Yes, work is stressful, parenting is stressful, finances might not be great, but one thing is always certain; when something is important to you, you don’t forget about it in the everyday shuffle of life. Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming life’s little situations.


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