Making the Most of New Surroundings to Find Happiness

Whether it’s a new office, new city or new house, adapting to your new surroundings can be difficult. Even if the change is something you’re excited about and looking forward to, the initial introduction to new surroundings is often overwhelming. Change is always scary. New surroundings are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and they do not yet create any feel good moments or memories. Rest assured that they will, but you have to get used to it first.

Find Something You Love

If you’re comfortable with something and know it will make you happy, find it. A little familiarity in your new home, office or city will go a long way to help you feel good about your new surroundings. It can be anything from a small café with great coffee and donuts to a spot in your home in which you can sit in the sun and watch the world go by as you end the day.

Stick to Routine

Your routine is what grounds you. When you’re in the middle of a new environment or new surroundings, sticking to routine is going to help you feel comfortable and more secure. If you’re routine includes an early morning visit to the gym, include it in your day. Find a gym nearby and become a member. The more comfortable you are in your routine, the easier it is to adapt to new surroundings.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Go somewhere new. Dine alone. Make a new friend at a class. Ask a new coworker to lunch or dinner or to help you see this new city. Be adventurous and learn to make this new place a place in which you feel comfortable, happy and fulfilled. You can do it anywhere you go if you simply have the correct mindset and a positive attitude.


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