Make Yourself Feel Better with a Little Effort

Most days I wake up feeling pretty good (that is, after I’ve had my third cup of coffee; anything before that is a complete fog). However, on occasion I will wake up and think to myself that the day just seems so much like the day before and feel the need to change it up a bit. Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit and making changes is not something I enjoy. Plus, I have two small children under the age of four so anytime I wish to make changes it affects much more than just me. Fortunately there are things I – and anyone else – can do to spruce the day up a little bit and put that extra bounce into my step.

Buy Something You Normally Would Not

Sometimes making a random purchase changes my entire day. Even if I’m having a really good day, something different can make it even better by giving me something to look forward to, or a sense of daring. For example, I never wear flats; I am a six-inch Louboutin kind of girl. One day I purchased a pair of the most adorable flats and I was so excited I felt like a completely different person the rest of the day. Sometimes I’ll splurge on a bottle of wine, spending $60 instead of $30 for a bottle and I’ll look forward to opening that bottle and spending the evening with my husband drinking it all day long. It’s just the little things that take me off my regularly traveled road that add a little excitement to my average day.

Do Something Charitable

Every few months I do a mass closet clean out in our closets and take everything we no longer wear out. I take my girls’ clothes to the school where my mother teaches and drop them off for her since it is in a very low income neighborhood and our clothing to a couple of local charities. When I’m not cleaning out our closets I’m making donations to the local libraries or picking up new books to donate to schools that need them – I love to read, so I feel that I should share that passion with children.

Get Fitted

Are you aware that most women wear the incorrect bra size? It’s true, which is why getting fitted by a professional will change your life! No more back fat, under bra rolls, and sagging! It’s true, your entire life could change with just one fitted to perfection bra. Trust me when I tell you that this is something that will spruce up your life forever.


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