Make Your Own Life and Marriage Easier

I love my husband. I love for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason of all is that he is so happy to help me make sure our lives run smoothly and that I am happy. He takes it upon himself to give our daughters their baths at night, to clean up after dinner, and to mop the floors while I get a little extra work done. He folds laundry, cleans out my car without being asked, and even tries to do our daughter’s hair (not well, but that at least he tries). I credit him 100 percent for being the glue that holds this family together; without him, I’d be a lot more stressed out than I am, and I wouldn’t have time to do anything. Unfortunately, not all husbands rock like mine, and many women find it difficult to maintain their marriage, their lives, and their houses. Here are a few ways you can make a change that will save your marriage.

Admit When You Need Help

Sometimes you just have to sit back and say, “I cannot do it all alone.” Lord knows I’ve tried. My husband had a weeklong conference in Las Vegas a few months ago, and because we had a six-month-old baby and a three-year-old toddler, I didn’t get to leave with him for Vegas. Instead, I stayed home with our girls the first three days of his trip, and I fell apart. I learned very quickly that I cannot do everything on my own. My husband’s help makes it possible for us to get our girls to bed by 8 pm so we can sit down to a spotless house and a glass of wine by 8:05. Without him, I was up at 10 trying to get everything done. I’m not perfect; and neither is anyone else. Ask for help.

Accept That Your Husband Isn’t Perfect

I have a hard time with this one because my husband is about as close to perfect as they come. EVERYONE thinks so. However, I had to learn that he’s not perfect, and that no matter what I do, if I have dinner with the girls, I will come home to something that needs doing. He can’t do it all alone, either.

Remind Yourself

Kids, jobs, houses, life, bills, vacations, family, and everything else in between makes it easy to forget a few important things, such as why you got married in the first place. Take a few minutes every single day to remind yourself why you married this man, and then give him a big kiss of appreciation when he walks in the front door.


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