Make Your Girlfriend Getaway Great

It seems that girlfriend getaways are more popular than ever these days. Perhaps there are fewer women in the midst of relationships or maybe it’s just that more women are looking for a vacation that doesn’t include helping anyone – husband’s included – pack or do anything while away (you know what I mean; your girlfriends will not glance into a suitcase and start complaining that they cannot find their razor ANYWHERE, making you put down your book and find it immediately right in front of their faces). Whatever the reason, traveling with your girlfriends is a great idea from time to time and these tips will help make your girlfriend getaways as seamless as possible.

Choose Carefully

You may love your girlfriends like no one else, but choose them wisely when it comes to traveling. If you’re looking for a five star vacation at an exotic tropical location and one of your closest girlfriends isn’t into high end restaurants, spa days or lounging by the beach, she might not be the one to ask on this trip. You won’t see eye to eye on vacation activities, and it could cause too much stress.

Pick Your Trip

This is where it gets a little complicated; if you want to travel with your girlfriends, you need to come up with a game plan for everyone. This means picking a location that meets everyone’s budget, isn’t suited more to small groups than your 12-person entourage and that has something for everyone. You aren’t all going to want to lie by the beach all the time, which means there needs to be activities for everyone.

Plan Ahead of Time

Say you’re going on a cruise with all of your closest girlfriends and you’re all excited to try snorkeling or scuba-diving for the first time. That’s all well and good, but if you all wait until you’re in the middle of the Caribbean to book those excursions, you might run into problems, such as everything being booked or everyone not getting the opportunity to participate. Plan ahead.


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