Make Date Night More Exciting

Dinner and a movie, again? It can get a little boring after a while going to the same restaurants and doing the same things over and over again on date night, but don’t worry. Even if you cannot possibly think of anything else to do with your favorite guy any given night of the week, we can help you out in that area. You can take your boring old date nights and transform them into something spectacular.

Get Physical

Yes, you can get physical like that all you want, but we’re talking physically active by planning a date that requires you to work. Try zip-lining. Go on a hike. Take a long walk around the neighborhood to the lake and have a romantic picnic by the water. Go canoeing. Take dance lessons. Make your physical date night as easy or challenging as you want. Doing something you’ve never done – or love to do – can bring you closer together.

Make Dinner

Instead of going out for dinner, go to the store. Want to make your dinner date more exciting? Cook together. Find recipes you think would be amazing and head to the store for a romantic date finding the right ingredients. Don’t forget a bottle of wine so you can relax while you cook. This intimate date will have you feeling closer than ever.

Beat Exhaustion

If you find that you are too tired to enjoy date night, you are not alone. The demands of working, taking care of your kids and being a good spouse can be overwhelming from time to time. Take date night to a new level by doing nothing more than lounging at home (send the kids to Grandma’s) in your pajamas, eating your favorite foods, talking, sitting by the fire and sleeping late. You’ll feel rested, energized and like you had a date you really enjoyed.


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