15 Luxurious Things You Can Never Find in the USA

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Yes, our USA is still a land of dreams but some things are even elusive to our dreamland. While we have many luxury items to cater to our lifestyle, certain luxurie are exclusive to other parts of the world. What are they? Here are 15 luxurious items you can never find here. Why? Mostly, they are banned! 

Ocelot Fur

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You can never find Ocelot fur in the USA due to the Animal Protection Act. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) implies a ban on Ocelot fur across the States. Individuals who already have it can only deposit it in a museum or a natural history collection center. 

Ortolan Meat

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Ortolan is a small European songbird that is endangered in the USA. It is nearly impossible to find these avians in the USA since it is completely illegal. Getting Ortolan is unethical and inhumane, and besides the USA, even the European Union, France, and the UK impose a ban on the same.


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Ivory is indeed a luxury item but you cannot easily find it in the USA. Wondering why? It is illegal to import, export, or sell ivory across state lines of the USA under Federal Law. Only ivory antiques that are at least 100 years old and have legal documentation can be sold.

Casu Marzu

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Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian cheese, but unfortunately, it is not easily found in the USA. This cheese is known for its unique production that involves live insect larvae (maggots). It is the production process that bans Casu Marzu in the States, primarily due to health and safety concerns.

Cuban Cigars

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Cuban cigars are not easily found in the USA and its ban goes back to 1962. The Cuban Trade Embargo (U.S. Embargo against Cuba) prohibited the import of Cuban cigars. In fact, not only cigars but all imports from Cuba are banned under this embargo. Although the US – Cuba relations now have brought many changes, this ban still implies.

Beluga Caviar

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Since 20005, it has been almost illegal to find Beluga Caviar in the USA. It is due to the ban imposed protecting the Beluga sturgeon from which we get the particular caviar. Since these creatures are critically endangered, this step aims to safeguard them from any further decline.

Sea Turtle Leather and Shell

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You may come across sea turtle products in different parts of the world but not in the United States. The USA imposed a complete ban on sea turtle leather and shell under the CITES act. Not only the USA but nearly 160 countries follow CITES as a global agreement. 

Cuban Rum

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Despite the swift trade between Cuba and the USA, you still cannot find Cuban rum in America. It is even illegal to bring Cuban rum to America, even if you are visiting other countries on the go. Although people try getting some on their way back from Cuba, if caught, the fines are hefty.

Iranian Saffron

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You cannot easily find Iranian saffron in the USA. In fact, due to trade sanctions placed on Iran, it is technically illegal to import Iranian saffron. People can import from other parts of the world for personal use, but you will still not find it easily in the USA.

Kashmiri Shawls

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Not all Kashmiri shawls, but Shahtoosh shawls are very tricky to find in the USA. The U.S. domestic laws ban them under CITES. Illegal import can result in a hefty fine along with 5 years in jail. Shahtoosh shawls are made with fine threads and are known for their ultrasoft texture.


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Except for 3 states (with regulatory laws), you cannot find Palcahol, aka Powdered Alcohol, anywhere in the USA. 31 states have statutory bans on Palcahol, whereas the remaining ones have strict regulations. The ban is majorly due to concerns regarding misuse, accidental ingestion, and potential health implications.

Absinthe (with thujone)

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Although consumption and possession of Absinthe are legal, Absinthe with thujone is still strictly prohibited in the USA. In 2007, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) imposed the ban, believing thujone could have hallucinogenic effects. It is not easy to find the same within the States, at least not within the laws.

Kinder Surprise Eggs

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This product may come as a shock, especially if you have kids, but you cannot find Kinder Surprise Eggs in the USA. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) bans the sale due to choking hazards from the toys. Even bringing back these snacks is strictly prohibited.

Dubai’s Luxury Hotels

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Although the USA has its fair share of luxury hotels, the ones present in Dubai are nowhere here to be seen. Whether it is the iconic Burj Al Arab or the Atlantis, their reputation and extravagance take them to another level. The high-end hotel chains based in Dubai can give tough competition to many.

Jaguar XJ220

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Lastly, you may never see a Jaguar XJ220 in the USA. While Jaguars are common, this particular model is not easily found in the States due to its high top speed. The vehicle was banned right after six iterations were manufactured. It is even illegal for Americans to own this model.


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