Luck is Something You Create For Yourself

We all know someone in our lives who seems to have all the luck; they’re blessed in the intelligence department, the looks department, they can eat whatever they want and never seem to gain a pound, their kids are well-behaved and kind and they have all the success in the world. They’re lucky, right? Wrong. According to Richard Wiseman, Ph.D. and psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, less than 10 percent of what happens to people in life is luck or random chance. That means that the people who have it all actually make it happen for themselves. That leaves everyone else asking; how do I make my own luck?

Change Your Attitude

Want to be lucky? Then tell yourself that you are. When you learn to consider yourself lucky you will actually start becoming lucky. The reason is that people who consider themselves lucky are always looking for a new opportunity or chance to improve life and get ahead.

Lose Your Focus

It’s great to put your all into one focus, but it’s pretty much the same thing as putting all of your eggs into one basket. When you’re too focused on one thing, you start to lose focus on the rest of the world and the opportunities that it has to offer.

Take a Chance

Those who are really “lucky” tend to take more chances. They apply for more positions, talk to more strangers and make decisions that seem to risky for others. If you want to create your own luck, you simply have to take a chance and be willing to risk things. The deal is, the worst that can happen is that someone will tell you no. You didn’t lose anything, but you gained perspective and the knowledge to improve yourself before you ask again for the same thing or something better.


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