Low-Key is the New Elaborate When it Comes to Entertaining

Champagne and hor d’oeuvres are a thing of the past when it comes to entertaining in your own home. These people are your friends, so why are you trying to impress them with canapés and bubbly when you know they’d rather have a vodka martini and sushi? Not every event in your home needs proper place settings and appropriate serving glasses. Sometimes it’s just more fun to have your friends over for a dinner party in which you can all lighten up, be comfortable and actually enjoy yourselves.

Offer a Signature Drink

Sure, it’s great to have a full bar and open ended cocktail service when you are entertaining, but it can be a bit much when you’re with friends. If you want to keep the cost low and the drinks fun, buy a couple bottles of different wines and set them on the counter with glasses and let your friends help themselves. It can get costly running out for a dozen different liquors, wines and beers, which is what makes a signature drink the best casual dinner choice.

Serve Appetizers

You don’t have to go fancy when it comes to appetizers when you are entertaining. Do sometime simple, such as serving a delicious dip with some great crackers or bread and let your guests nibble until everyone arrives and dinner is served. On that note, don’t go all out with your meal either. Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best ones because it gives you more time to socialize and enjoy since you aren’t as worried about the cooking and cleaning.

Encourage Casual Wear

When inviting guests to your home for your low-key dinner party, make sure they know they don’t have to dress up. Sometimes it’s more fun to come home from work and change into something comfortable and classic before heading to dinner than it is to stay in your work clothes for the remainder of the night. As a bonus; this tells your guests that your dinner party is centered around fun, not formalities.


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