Little Ways Being Too Responsible Hurts Financially

financial responsibility

Being responsible is the single most important thing that my parents taught me; or so I thought. They taught me many important life lessons growing up, but being responsible seems to encompass many of them all rolled into one big life lesson. I, too, hope to teach my kids that being responsible is a trait that will always pay off for them. Except, sometimes being responsible is not something that really pays off all that well. It is possible to be too responsible, and that can cost you. I know it sounds difficult to believe, but it’s the truth. We are going to look at just how being too responsible can actually hinder your ability to live your life the way you really want.

You don’t see quality

When you are too responsible, you might not realize the value of quality. If you put too much focus on being responsible, you might avoid a $200 pair of jeans for a $10 pair. It seems like a better use of your money, but those $200 jeans are going to last you decades. That $10 pair is going to last you a few months, at best. Sometimes you have to put aside the need to be too responsible and look outside the box. Spending more on quality items is actually a more responsible concept sometimes.

You never say no

When you are too responsible, you feel the overwhelming need to do ‘the right thing’ in many instances. However, the right thing is not always the smart thing. This might mean sponsoring every field trip, every child who approaches you asking for money for this, that or the other. It’s not always a beneficial way of life, and that’s why you have to learn to say no.

You are too conservative investing

Being too responsible probably means you are not likely to take many risks. While that’s all right, it’s also something that might hinder your investment portfolio. That might leave you in the lurch one day, and it might really have a negative effect on your financial future. Sometimes risks are the greatest reward life has to offer, and you have to see for yourself more often than not.

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