Little Things That are Making Us Dumb

Ever feel like you are getting dumber as you age, rather than more intelligent as you were so sure would happen? In a world where the answer to anything is a simple google search away and when the world is at your fingertips thanks to internet access on your smartphone, we might actually be getting dumber. If you’re finding it harder to remember things you need to know, it might be because your brain is no longer storing information that it once stored, because it knows you can simply look it up in a matter of minutes. Here are a few things that are making the world a dumber place; maybe you want to limit some of these things in your own life before your kids are smarter than you.


Scientists from UCLA have proven that sugar slows down your brain’s ability to learn and to remember information. This doesn’t mean you have to forgo that cookie after dinner, it simply means that you should forgo constant sugar consumption. The occasional treat doesn’t harm your memory or brain power, but constant sugar not only hampers your ability to learn and to remember, it also makes you unhealthy and puts you at risk for additional health problems.

Smart Phones

Your smart phone is making you dumb. It seems funny that something you can use to look up information so quickly can make you dumber, but it does. The problem is that with smart phones, most of us tend to multitask on a completely different level, which makes it difficult for the brain to retain any information.

Reality Television

Sorry, Honey Boo Boo fans, but you’re getting dumber by the minute (as I think anyone who has ever watched this particular show will agree). Austrian researchers recently proved that you are only as smart as the television you routinely watch, which means you might want to start watching a little more discovery channel and a fewer housewives.


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