Little Signs Your Relationship Is Made to Last

If there was an app that told you whether or not your marriage would last, divorce lawyers would be in a lot of trouble. While you don’t don a big white gown and force yourself to smile for photos and hugs with family members you haven’t seen in a decade (for what you are now remembering is a very good reason) thinking that this is never going to work, the cold, hard truth is that many marriages don’t work out. If you want to know what chance your relationship has, look for these little signs. They have a big impact on your relationship success rate.

How He Tells Your “How We Met” Story

If he tells the story of how you came to be while smiling, laughing and wistfully reminiscing, chances are good that your future forecast is bright and sunny. Experts believe that men who look back fondly on the day they met their significant others do so because they are happy to be with them. However, if he tells the story with a short answer, no smiles or even annoyance, he might be conveying something else entirely.

Be Generous

How can you not want to spend the rest of your life with a man who gives you the last cup of coffee or the last bit of creamer on Saturday morning, forgoing his own so that you can be happy? If you’re generous with one another, you have a better chance of lasting than couples who don’t. Advice; giving is good, especially when it means that you are receiving someone’s love in return. This is a great little sign that you’re meant to be.

You Love Your In-Laws

What benefit is there to hating the woman who birthed your husband? Even if she’s an awful you-know-what, without her you wouldn’t have the man you love, and your relationship with his family can play a big role in the longevity of your relationship. Bury the ax and get to know his family, because they’re your family, too (what’s a few more dysfunctional people around the holiday table in the grand scheme of life?). One little sign that your relationship is made to last is the fact that you get along with your in-laws.


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