Little Lies Ladies Tell on First Dates

When you’re in the dating game you really want to impress the new guy you’re seeing. However, sometimes you might make things up just a little to impress him even more. Honey, he knows what little white lies you are telling him. Read on to find out what men know you are fibbing about on the first date.

Career Lies

Some women want to make sure that men think they are self-sufficient, successful, and financial independent.  For this reason, some women may make up a little bit of a story when they tell men what they do. For example, a woman making an average salary in a research department might tell a guy she heads the entire department when she really does assistant work.

Saying Yes

While not all men can tell if a woman is into him, some know that a woman is lying to him when she says yes, that she is interested in seeing him again. If you don’t want to see him again, tell him. Avoiding his calls and texts is not a very mature thing to do.

Faking Interests

Many men are perfectly aware of the fact that the woman he’s seeing has no interest in something he is interested in. Is he big into sports and you’d rather spend your weekends having brunch and shopping? He knows it, so don’t bother faking an interest in what he likes. He’d probably rather watch the game with his friends than you anyway.

Your Name

When you’re out and you meet a guy, you might not be willing to share your name with him just yet. Some women make up a name when they are at a bar or lounge so that they don’t have to share their real name with a guy she’s unsure of. With so much easy access in the social networking platform, many women are understandably hesitant about giving their real names since men can look  them up that much easier.


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