Lessons My Mom Taught Me About Life, Love And Family

Moms are a pillar of wisdom, I have come to believe.  Of course, I did not come to this knowledge until after my teenage years.  But as an adult with children of my own I can look back and see the lessons she taught were of great importance and truth.

Life lesson number one, not everyone in the world will be your friend.  How hard I tried to prove this one wrong.  But the truth is that not everyone in the world will like you or want your friendship.  There are those that simply will not like you.  It is better to learn and accept this early on.  Be who you are and let those who can’t see your value go on by.

Work before play.  This life lesson was never really spoken, it was modeled out before me.  My Mom loves to read, watch movies, shop, vacation and many other activities.  But she would never dream of doing any of those things until her home was in order.  I have found myself following this lesson and repeating it to my own children.

Another life lesson that has helped me is knowing the importance of the value of a stay at home mom and the value of a working mom.  Because my mother was both at one time or another in my childhood, she taught me that both are doing their best for their families.

Another lesson, children need love and attention more than anything else.  While we can give them things bought with money, they will never replace the two most important needs of a child.

There is no perfect parent and no perfect child.  This is a life lesson that I have appreciated perhaps more than any other.  You simply do the best you can and forgive yourself.  You can’t be a perfect mother any more than they can be a perfect child.

It turns out that many times, Mom was right after all.


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