Learning from Mistakes Your Loved Ones Make

The mistakes other people make in their life can provide you with a great example. After all, mistakes are often the best learning tools. Whether it is your in-laws or your parents, your siblings or your friends, the mistakes others make can teach you a great number of life lessons. These lessons can help you make better decisions in your own life, potentially leading you to greater happiness.

Perfection Does Not Exist

If nothing else, the mistakes others make can teach you without question that no one is perfect. When someone you look up to makes a big mistake, you can learn from it. On one hand, you will learn not to make the same mistake. On the other hand, you will learn that you shouldn’t expect perfection from yourself, because even the best people make mistakes.

Being Mad is Okay

It’s perfectly normal to be mad at others for making mistakes and to be mad at yourself for making a mistake. The lesson here, however, is that while it’s okay to allow yourself to feel mad and angry, you cannot hold onto that grudge forever. People make mistakes. You have to forgive them and you have to forgive yourself when the mistake is yours.


Perhaps the biggest lesson we learn from the mistakes of others is forgiveness. Most of the time, mistakes are not made to hurt you. Instead, they are made out of good intentions that go completely awry. When you allow yourself to feel the irritation and anger when someone makes a mistake, it’s okay. However, once that subsides, you have to forgive.

Thinking is Important

Finally, something important you will take out of the mistakes of others is the art of thinking first. Impulsive behavior isn’t necessarily awful, but it’s not always good. Take impulsive decisions made by others as an example; instead of making the same impulsive mistakes, learn to stop and think before you act.


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