Learn to Love Your Flaws

Perfection does not exist, which would be devastating news for Bree Van De Camp if Desperate Housewives were still on the air. Every woman has a flaw; some have fewer than others, but everyone still has a flaw. What if I told you that your flaws might not be quite as bad as you think? When you stand in front of the mirror in the morning berating yourself for having cellulite (who doesn’t?), too-small eyes (really?), or a big butt (didn’t you hear anything Sir-Mix-A-Lot had to say?) you are really just making yourself feel bad for nothing. You might see your flaws as if they have a flashing neon sign on them, but other people don’t. Here are a few examples that will help you see your flaws from someone else’s point of view.

Situation: A Round Face

When a woman’s photo was shown to a group of people and they were asked what they thought of her face, it wasn’t that it was round, which is what she sees when she looks at it. The group noticed her flawless skin, her full lips, and her pretty eyes. Ladies, focus on your good features and ignore what you don’t like.

Situation: A Big Butt

Instead of looking at this woman and saying how huge her derriere looks, people were envious of her great curves and men wanted her to turn around so they could check her out a little more, for their own pleasure. Curves are good, ladies.

Situation: Wrinkles

When shown a photo of a woman with wrinkles no one thought she looked old or gross. Rather, they thought she looked refreshing because she is aging gracefully and allowing nature to take its course. Their thought was that this is a woman who is confident enough to show her natural beauty and the life she has lived.


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