Last Minute Christmas Advice to Apply

As Christmas quickly approaches, I’m inspired to share a few pieces of advice that came to me throughout the years. Some things I learned on my own, others were forced upon me by others and some are just so silly I can’t believe I didn’t realize them sooner. Christmas is stressful enough what with all the events, parties, family fun, shopping, wrapping, eating and planning that you don’t have time for anything to go wrong. That’s why these three pieces of Christmas advice will help you in the next week.

Park in the Garage

If you’re like me, you never park in the garage. It’s easier to park in the driveway than it is to wait for the door to open and worry that your kids will slam their own doors into the car parked next to you, the wall you pulled in too close to or that your trunk won’t open because somehow your car is too big for your garage when the door is open. However, park in the garage. Why? Because your UPS man or your FedEx man might have delivered some gifts you ordered on the front porch.

So? So….I’ve learned that not all stores or manufacturers take note that it’s the holiday season and consider the fact that you might not want your kids to see exactly what’s sitting on the front porch when it’s been delivered. Not everyone uses the nondescript brown box method of delivering throughout the holidays.

Shop for Menu Items Early

No, not the day before Christmas Eve first thing in the morning when you think everyone is at work. No one is at work. Everyone in the entire world is at the grocery store looking to avoid the crowds just like yourself. Shop the week before for your food items to avoid a headache, stress and shopping cart rage.

Check All Packages

Nothing is worse than opening up a package the night before Christmas to start assembling the gift inside only to realize the gift inside is not the gift you ordered or that it’s missing pieces. It’s difficult. It’s stressful. It’s going to make you angry; check ahead of time – like, a few days or a week ahead of time.

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