Kick Your Bridezilla Habits to the Curb With These Tips

Bridezilla: The woman everyone loves to hate.  She’s mean to her friends, she’s mean to her fiancé, and she’s means to just about everyone in between. Who wants to be that woman? Who wants to be the woman that everyone hates and whispers about behind her back. No one wants to be the woman who makes people feel bad for her soon-to-be husband for getting stuck with her for the rest of his life. So, now that you’ve decided to reign in your own personal bridezilla persona, learn how.

It is Not All About You

I’ve got news for you, sister; your wedding day is not all about you. It is about US. Just like your marriage and the rest of your life, it’s about US. You are a unit, not a separate. Don’t be the bridezilla who thinks everything and everyone’s lives revolve around yours. You, quite frankly, are not that special. But you know what? Neither was I, nine years ago when I was getting ready to marry my husband. I needed an occasional reminder, as many brides do.

Calm Down

Guess what? My flowers were hideous on my wedding day. Guess what? I didn’t freak out. I wanted to, but a few quick words from my friends about how freaking out wouldn’t do anything but upset me, because it sure wasn’t fixing the flowers, and I realized I needed to calm down. Going crazy and throwing the kind of temper tantrum that impresses even my two-year-old isn’t going to fix anything, except the number of friends on the guest list.

Thanks is Good

When people do stuff for your to help with your wedding, thank them. They are, after all, taking time out of their own hectic lives to ensure that your wedding day is wonderful. Bridezilla doesn’t thank anyone. Don’t be like her.


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