Keeping An Elderly Parent Active And Engaged

Having an elderly parent can be a concern.  You worry about how they are doing physically.  You worry if they are doing alright mentally and if they are emotionally satisfied in their lives.  All of those are very real and valid concerns.  Elderly parents do need special time and attention.  There are some things you can do to help your elderly parent stay active and engaged.

You can encourage them to be active.  Find out activities that are going on in their area and encourage them to participate.  Encourage them to see their friends.  You could even purchase them tickets for two to an event to give them that extra push to get out of the house.

Encourage them to be active physically, as well.  Maybe you could find an exercise class for people their age or help them to find a walking buddy to join for a daily walk.

If your elderly parent is struggling with mobility, then you may consider purchasing chair lifts for them. Lift chairs help older people with poor mobility to safely rise to a standing position. These chairs are also useful for people with severe hip or knee arthritis. Lift chairs can also improve posture. Some chairs offer lots of settings so you can choose a position that works best for you.

Staying connected with your elderly parent is very important.  This helps them to stay engaged with the world.  Be sure to call them often and visit regularly.  You can even help them to stay connected with you as well as others by helping them establish some pages on social media.  They can stay connected to family members that live far away or to their grandchildren in this way.  It provides them with another outlet to communicate. If your aging parent suffers from dementia, you may visit sites like to find a great assisted living facility. Look for a memory care community where your parent can thrive socially while getting the care they need and they can say that you found the best memory care services.

Another thing you can do is have them join your family for dinner or take dinner to them.  This helps you to keep an eye on how they are eating and feeling.

If you live far away from your elderly parent, you will need to find someone in the area to check in on them from time to time.

For more tips on helping your elderly parent live their best life, enjoy this article by Parent Giving. And if your aging parents are in need of some care for a short or long period of time, they may be able to get it from an in-home nurse or memory care services from places like You may also visit Terraza court senior living for senior and assisted living needs of your loved ones.


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