Best Ways To Keep Up A Long Distance Friendship

Keeping up a long distance friendship can be difficult but it can be done.  I know this because one of my dearest friends lives many states away but we make our long distance friendship work with some creativity.  So how can you stay close to a friend across the miles?

Aim to have contact every day or every other day at the least.  Going long stretches of time in between when you have contact will hurt your long distance friendship.  Even if you don’t have time for a lengthy chat, make it a point to at least say hello.

Share the little moments in your life.  If your boss gave you a great evaluation, send your friend an email to share that.  If your mother-in-law gave you a very unexpected compliment, share it with a text.  Sharing the little moments keeps us clued in to what is really going on with one another.

Take full advantage of technology.  Technology offers so many ways to keep in touch with one another throughout the week.  You can call from home or your cell on your lunch break.  There is email, social media and texting.  There is also the option of Skype and getting in some face to face time.  You have so much to work with when it comes to making a long distance friendship work.

Do something together.  Yes, it sounds like it is impossible to do that with thousands of miles between you but you can read the same book and discuss it or take up the same sort of exercise to compare notes and help each other along the way.

Long distance friendships do require a bit more work to keep going than a friendship where you see each other often but they can be so worth it.

For more ideas on how to make a long distance friendship work, you may want to read this article by Darling Magazine.


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