Reasons You Should Keep Your Arguments Behind Closed Doors

Arguments are a part of relationships.  They don’t mean that you don’t love each other; they mean that you are two different people who differ in opinion occasionally.  They also mean that you feel secure enough in your relationship to voice your opinions and feel you should be heard.

But others don’t need to know your business and hear you argue.  What is between the two of you needs to stay between the two of you.  There are several reasons you should follow this rule and they are all for the best interest of your relationship.

When others hear your arguments, they feel uncomfortable.  This is because they intuitively know that they should not be hearing you.  They know it is between the two of you and don’t want to be a part of your disagreements.

Another reason that you should not argue in front of others is that they will not forget what they have heard.  They also may feel hard feelings at one of you and will have a hard time forgiving you for hurting the other.  When two people are in a relationship, forgiveness comes easily because you love each other deeply.  Those that hear you argue may not forgive you as easily and may hold what they have heard against you.

You will regret having arguments in front of others.  You will be embarrassed that others heard you speak unkindly to one another.  You will worry what you have made them think of your relationship even if you know that it is secure.

Your arguments belong behind closed doors because they are no one else’s business or concern.  If you are angry with one another while you are out in public, be patient enough to wait until you are in private before you share your feelings.

Image Credit: Madam Enoire


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