“I’ve Been Busy” Is the Worst Excuse of All-Time


This is a message to all you people out there who say “I’ve been busy” as an excuse for why you haven’t connected with someone when they’ve tried connecting with you. In this day and age there is absolutely no way anyone should get away with “I’ve been busy” as a way of saying you’re sorry for not communicating with a person. It just doesn’t cut it anymore…..

I don’t care if you’ve been in Haiti for the last 3 months doing volunteer work for 16 hours a day. If you have a phone, a computer, hell if you have a piece of pen and paper then there’s a way of contacting someone. And that’s about an extreme situation as there is. Think about it. What’s really keeping you busy?

Seriously. Unless you are homeless, on a desert somewhere, and have zero means of communication, then I really don’t see any excuses for not returning a call, text, email, something. And yet we constantly hear the “I’ve been busy” excuse. Too busy for what exactly? Taking a millisecond to respond?

OK you’re on a plane. You just got off the plane. You have to go the bathroom right? How about sending a text while you’re in there? You lie down to go to bed right? How about a text before bed? You eat lunch don’t you? How about a text right before you sit down to eat? And I’m talking a text that will take you 10 seconds to write.

Is email that hard? Even send something that says “Sorry, been busy, will get back to you.” Personally I hate that line but it goes a long way in telling someone that at least you acknowledged their call. And what about instant message? Nothing’s worse than when I see a person online, send them a message and they don’t respond? Really? Are you serious?

So it’s either you’re just the laziest P.O.S. in the world for not getting back to someone, are a moron because you are very forgetful, or you just flat out don’t want to be in contact with that person anymore. Because in today’s day there’s no such thing as “I’ve been busy” anymore.

Just pick up your phone and be courteous. Is that so hard? Is it?


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