Interesting Wedding Statistics You Might Not Know


Spring is almost here and wedding season is in full bloom – along with the flowers and everything else that’s been less than gorgeous the past few months of winter. While you’re busy planning your dream day you’re probably overloaded with wedding facts and information. You know all there is to know about flowers, tuxes, mermaid silhouettes and everything in between. But what you don’t know are these surprising wedding facts.

Black Tie Weddings

They may seem like something everyone does, but did you realize that only a little more than one percent of couples planning their wedding elect to have a black tie wedding? The reason behind this is that most couples are happy to see their guests arrive in formal attire. Additionally, there are many who don’t know the difference between black tie and formal and make the mistake of showing up to a black tie event in a formal gown or tux. Couples know this and many have decided it’s just not worth the effort to ask that their guests make the distinction.


With as many people who ask you what the theme of your wedding is going to be, you’d think everyone had a themed wedding. However, it’s only about a quarter of all couples who choose to go this route. We don’t mean for you to mistake color palettes as themes; we’re talking fairy princess Cinderella wedding themes.

The Grooms Cake

You might agonize over this decision; to have a grooms cake or not to have one. Perhaps you’re a bit worried your groom will elect to take your formal wedding into a different realm with a football team cake or a hunting cake and that’s not all right with you. Or maybe you just don’t want to pay for all that cake. You’re not alone. Only 18 percent of couples choose to have a grooms cake at their reception.

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