Interesting Information About Your Ex

Everyone has an ex; even me. Despite the fact that I met my husband 11 years ago when I was 18 years old and he’s been my one and only since the day we met, I still have an ex. Of course, my exes were currents for about five minutes and none of them ever really broke my heart, I still had exes that royally pissed me off and upset me. So while I may not have the most experience with helping others deal with heartbreak and breakups, I do have scientific research on my side, and I’m here to give you a few interesting tidbits about your ex.

Trash Talking is Good

Research shows that getting together with your friends and downright trash talking the guy you used to think was amazing is great for you. It helps you to feel less depressed and it helps you get over him faster. It also helps you stay far away from him rather than making you want to call him in the middle of a pity-party and a bottle of wine asking him to take you back. Now that your friends know all the horrible things about him (how little was it, really?) you won’t be so pumped to get back together with him.

Keeping In Touch Isn’t Bad

Most people say that you have to quit an ex cold turkey, but at some point that person was a friend of yours. You can’t date someone you don’t like in some way, shape or form so if you genuinely like this person as a friend, keep in touch. The occasional happy birthday wall post online or quick email to ask for a referral for a client isn’t a bad idea. You shouldn’t cut off your nose to spite your face if your ex is a nice guy whose friendship can benefit you in some way.

He’s Probably Facebook Stalking You

Even if he would never admit it and you would never believe it for a second, he’s checking out your profile whenever he gets a chance. A recent study finds that 85 percent of men and women take a look at their exes profile online because it makes them feel better. Some just like to see how bad they have it now and others feel genuinely happy looking at their exes statuses and photos.


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