Inspire and Motivate Yourself with These Quotes

Just about everyone wants to conquer their world at some point in life, but some of you need a little motivation from time to time. It’s not always easy waking up tired, dreading the long to-do list you have to conquer during the day.  What you need to get you going – aside from a second cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast – is a little motivation and a little inspiration. Let these quotes help you light the spark within you so that you can accomplish great things today – or at least give you the energy to get a few of those things on your to-do list checked off.

When People Have you Down

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

“When people cut you down, or talk behind your back, remember they took time out of their pathetic live to think about you. “ – unknown

“Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.” – unknown

When You Need Motivation to Make Changes

“If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.” – unknown

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – unknown

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.” – unknown

“If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.” – unknown

“A year from now you will wish you had started today>” – Karen Lamb


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