Including Your Mother in Your Wedding

With Mother’s Day this weekend and wedding season in full swing and getting busier by the moment, mom is probably on your mind more than ever. If you’re a bride planning your wedding, you might wonder how you can include the most important woman in your life – as well as the most important woman in your husband’s life – into your big day. Here are three great ways you can include your mom and future mother-in-law in your wedding or just make them feel extra special on your big day.

Take Them Shopping

She helped you pick out your dress, so why not schedule a day in which you take mom and mom-in-law out for a girls day of shopping and lunch? Help them select attire for your wedding day that is sophisticated, lovely and flattering for each. This will help them feel extra special and loved – and you won’t have to worry that they’ll show up in something completely inappropriate (think Jane Fonda at J.Lo’s wedding in Monster-In-Law).

Schedule Some Appointments

Your moms are an important part of your big day, so make a point to schedule some beauty appointments for them on your wedding day. Schedule a hairstylist, makeup artist and nail tech for them so that they feel beautiful and special.

Write Letters

A great way to include your moms in your wedding is to write them a special letter. Thank them for bringing you and your husband-to-be into the world and present each mom with their special letter and a rose during your ceremony. Do it in the middle of the ceremony, at the end or even at the beginning. For example, before your officiant begins, make a statement that you cannot start your wedding ceremony without first thanking the two women who brought this whole wedding together by giving birth to you both and raising you both to be such wonderful people.


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