Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your In-Law Relationships

In-law relationships can be tricky to navigate.  Even with the best of intentions, misunderstandings can happen between you and your husband’s family which can lead to hard feelings and difficult in-law relationships.  It may be through no fault of your own that your in-law relationships are difficult but there are still things that you can do to help them improve.

Be kind.  Even if you feel you have been treated unfairly, you can be sure that two wrongs don’t make a right.  Reacting in anger when you are slighted is not the solution to difficult in-law relationships.  Aim to take the high road and be kind in spite of their behavior.  You may be pleasantly surprised by disarming their hostility this way.

Treat them as if they were your annoying great aunt.  What I mean is, don’t allow them to get under your skin.  We all have that one relative that we just overlook because it truly isn’t worth the trouble of getting upset with them.  Overlooking the difficult in-law or in-laws is sometimes the easiest path to take.

If you have really difficult in-laws that you can’t seem to make any headway with, it may be best to avoid them.  While you can’t completely cut them out of your life, you can choose not to spend excessive amounts of time with them or open yourself up to their criticism.  Keep your distance and you will find yourself with more peace.

If there must be a confrontation, let your spouse handle it.  Your in-laws are much more likely to listen when their family member speaks to them instead of someone who is an in-law to them.

Make it your goal to do your part to improve your in-law relationships.  Even if your attempts don’t work, you will know that you gave it your best effort.



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