Improve Yourself With These Three Simple Steps

Rarely does a day go by when we don’t casually think we’d like to improve ourselves. I do it, and I know most of you do it. It might be something small, such as saying that you’re going to improve your bad habit of procrastinating or that you’re finally going to learn to cook like a Food Network star. It could be a big improvement you want to make, such as becoming a Godly woman or a better mom or wife. It doesn’t matter how you want to improve yourself, only that when you put forth the effort to do so – you do it well.

Make a List

Now that you know what you want to improve about yourself, make a list with two columns. In one column, list all the things you love about yourself that you wouldn’t change for the world. In the second column, list the things about yourself that you don’t necessarily love and wish to improve. The trick here is not to let column number two get you down. These are already things you know about yourself, so instead of focusing on your self-perceived negatives as they are; focus on improving them and getting them crossed off your list of things you’d like to change about you.

Use Criticism to Your Advantage

Criticism, when constructive, is a great learning tool for improvement. Criticism, when not constructive, is not worth your time. When it’s not constructive, it’s spiteful. Ignore it. However, take that constructive criticism, consider it and see how you can use that advice to improve yourself.

Work Slowly

Make a list of goals and cross them off one at a time. Don’t feel down and dejected because you don’t change and improve yourself in the course of today. Making permanent, happy, good changes takes time and it takes effort. Be patient – it’s always a good improvement to make.


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