How to Improve your Driving Ability and Save Lives

Perhaps you don’t think twice to look down for a second to read a text or to remove your hands from the steering wheel to respond to a Facebook message while you’re driving on the road. Perhaps you don’t give it a second thought to divert your attention to the navigation system or to your Bluetooth screen to call your mom while driving.

Distracted driving is a major problem and it’s one that can have negative consequences not just for you, but for other people. Each time you divert your attention from your driving and from the road, you put your own life and the lives of everyone else on the road in danger. My life, my 2-year-old daughter’s life and the lives of my unborn twins were in jeopardy this morning when someone decided to text and drive rather than pay attention to the road. Had it not been for my own terrified reaction, we wouldn’t be here right now.

The rules of the road are in place for a reason so good it isn’t even a question as to why people should follow them. The rules of the road are important because they save lives. If you find yourself tempted to break the rules of the road, here are a few alternate suggestions you could try instead. It might save your life or the lives of innocent people.

Driving Under the Influence

No matter your age or your reputation, you’re going to be in far less trouble if you call a cab or a friend or even your mom for a ride home if you are under the influence than you would be if you got behind the wheel of your car. It’s never okay to drive under the influence. Call for help. Call for a ride. Save your life and save someone else’s life.

Texting and Driving

There is no text message or Facebook message or FaceTime call so important that you should stop paying attention to the road. Here’s a simple solution; put your phone somewhere you can’t reach it while you’re driving. It eliminates the temptation to pick it up and respond while you’re behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving

Screaming kids, a song you don’t want to listen to anymore, a navigation system that disagrees with you…it all happens in the car. It’s not fun and it’s not what pleasant drives are made of. However, your attention should always be on the road. Learn to ignore the screaming. Don’t reach back for a sippy cup that’s on the floor or to change the information on your navigation system. Stop the car and deal with these issues in a parking lot and then get back on the road. Otherwise, ignore them until you’ve reached your destination. Don’t risk other’s lives making poor decisions.

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